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The Restart Scheme

PeoplePlus delivers the Department for Work and Pension’s Restart Scheme on behalf of Reed in Partnership, in Kent, to help long-term unemployed people to start working.

We provide a range of employment support including; skills training, job and interview preparation, financial advice and health and wellbeing support.

The service forms part of the government’s Plan for Jobs, which is helping millions of people across the country – many of whom have had their employment status impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Restart Scheme aims to break down barriers which could be holding you back from finding work.

How Does the Restart Scheme Work?

We recognise that everyone’s journey back into work is different and the Restart Scheme is tailored to meet your individual needs. This means if you are work-ready we can help you find employment quickly, or if you are further away from the jobs market, we can help you with additional support before finding work.

Everyone joining the Restart Scheme will work with one of our Job Coaches to support you to:

Sounds great – how do I sign up?

Speak to your Work Coach at your local Job Centre and they will refer you to start the Restart Scheme with us.