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Jobs Start at Glasgow City Council

share October 26, 2021Posted by: Editor

Connor from Fair Start Scotland

Connor had previously been working for a call centre however due to being on the Autistic spectrum he found it difficult to concentrate at times and left the position very demotivated. He was then unemployed for seven months and he felt disadvantaged when looking for work because he was on the Autistic Scale.

Connor found out about the Fair Start Scotland programme through his Work Coach at his Job Centre Plus. After joining Fair Start Scotland with PeoplePlus he was provided with his own Key Worker and Trainer. They were able to support him with writing his CV, searching for jobs, job applications and personal development. Plus he had support from people who understood what his needs were and his personal circumstances. 

Connor said: PeoplePlus helped with deal with the rejections from job applications and interviews. With the support of my Key Worker at PeoplePlus and the Trainer, I was able to do various courses live online such as the Progression Group which helped my mental health. I also took part in the five-week route-way covering everything from interview skills to CV skills, to cover letters, and communication skills. At the beginning of the courses I was apprehensive however the Trainer put me at ease and really helped me to focus"

After all the help and support from PeoplePlus Connor received an offer for a new job with Glasgow City Council.

Connor said: “It’s a graduate role within change management which is what I did for my dissertation whilst I was at uni. The work will still be done from home for the time being, but they will be looking at a form of blended working between home and the City Chambers in the coming weeks and months. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help over the past year.

It really means a lot. Throughout the progression groups and our one-to-one sessions, it’s helped massively in terms of my confidence in moving forward. It’s been a true inspiration being a participant with PeoplePlus and Fair Start Scotland. I would recommend this programme to everyone and especially for someone who is on the Autistic spectrum. A massive thanks again."

share October 26, 2021Posted by: Editor