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PeoplePlus Scotland help Katie get her dream job

share September 30, 2021Posted by: Editor

Katie has suffered from a severe anxiety condition for all her adult life. It is an ongoing challenge that she has worked very hard to overcome. Katie is at the start of her career, and she knew that she would need some dedicated support in helping her to manage her anxiety in a working environment.

Katie studied at Strathclyde University and she achieved a 2:1 in Accounts and Finance and she managed her anxiety well during this period. Katie’s anxiety affects her in different ways. For example it affects her confidence, and she can suffer from panic attacks, which are very debilitating. Katie also suffers from depression which is linked with her anxiety. She receives support from the NHS and PeoplePlus have helped her with learning to accept her anxiety, and how to live and work with it.

When Katie graduated, she initially planned to work in the financial or business services and she gained a job, after only her second interview. This role turned out not to be a good fit for her, and she felt that her anxiety was badly impacted by the role so, she made the brave decision to take a new and different direction in her career.

Katie has always loved animals and has volunteered in the past to support animals and animal causes. When she first spoke to the Fair Start Scotland team she advised that working with animals would be her “dream job”.

During lockdown, Katie studied animal support and care, and she spotted a job being advertised in a local Veterinary Surgery for a Vet Technician. These are very sought-after roles, and they would have had a huge number of applicants however with the support of the Fair Start Scotland team, Katie applied. She was offered an interview which was successful, and she was offered a position.

Katie is now working successfully in her “dream job” and is loving it! She has faced challenges relating to her anxiety for example working the night shift initially was difficult for her but following conversations with her Key Worker, her GP and her employer, Katie is now managing her shifts and her anxiety well.

Her long-term goals are to go to college and learn animal care and she is now one step closer to realising this goal.

Katie has worked extremely hard to get where she is today. She understands her challenges and has taken, the sometimes difficult steps, to get where she wants to be. This will be an ongoing challenge for Katie, but she now believes that she will get there. She trusts in her own abilities so this, alongside the ongoing support from her Key Worker, means she can achieve whatever she wants to!

share September 30, 2021Posted by: Editor