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Navigating The New Normal – Returning To The Office

share September 01, 2021Posted by: Editor

We all face uncertainties every day, but there are elements of certainty we can create and take control of, starting with an action plan. One of the more obvious ‘new normal’ examples we’re all facing is returning to regular spaces, including the office for many. This may seem daunting for some or you may have already returned or are looking forward to it. Whichever camp you fall into, it is okay, and a bit of certainty within uncertain factors can help you to feel in control.

Here are our top tips for returning to the office inspired by the Mental Health at Work toolkit, to help you navigate your return to the office and challenge some previously thought of uncertain factors that may influence you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Content written by Naomi Greene, PeoplePlus Wellbeing Advisor.

share September 01, 2021Posted by: Editor